The Writer.


A slightly crazy, yet somewhat normal college girl in her twenties who was once—and still is—fascinated with Harry Potter to the point of addiction. Loves writing drabbles and short stories, but can’t seem to stick to writing a novel-length type of story. D: Adores various languages and cultures. Loves sketching and looking at drawings and paintings. Is lazy to the point of…being dead? Hahaha.

What I Write.

I write love stories basically, usually original fiction. I also write fan fiction based on K-Pop personalities, usually Super Junior, DBSK and Big Bang members, or fan fiction based on fictional characters such as Harry Potter, etc. I don’t usually write poetry because I suck at being poetic and most of my poems seem so mediocre and ordinary and sucky that even just the thought of writing poems seems futile. 😀

…But basically, I write lots about love, angst, and day-to-day, slice-of-life-y things. 😀


Ice_cobalt / Paper Airplanes : online journal for random and personal things

비행기 / 비행기 tumblr : Language blogs

Twitter : uhhh…for tweets? XD

This page was edited on 09 August 2012.


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