A few haiku.

If only I could
recite my feelings out loud
then you’d understand

Your hand is so cold
and so small and so fragile.
I hold it in mine.

How I love to see
you wake up in the mornings
lying beside me.

There’s nothing in the
world that I love more than you.
I hope you know that.

Note: Did a few haiku for extra credit on my Humanities class. The haiku I made are lame (obviously) as I have no talent for poetry, but…as long as I get the extra credit, everything’s good…


2 thoughts on “A few haiku.

  1. Those are some nice haikus you have there. I wouldn’t call them lame. I couldn’t write poetry (or analyze it) even if my life depended it on it. Anyways, the lyrics of popular songs are lame. Words and lines repeating over and over and over (you get my point). Weird random words inserted here and there. The last time I read poetry was 2 years ago and I’m no literature/art expert, but I liked your haikus. Keep writing and learning languages. Which languages can you speak? By the way feel free to drop by my blog.

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