A List of Bad Habits

He sits at an outdoor table of a nearby coffee shop.

Tap, tap, tap, goes his foot.

He looks around, his eyes not fixing on any particular object. There are too many people on this side of town, he muses, and he goes to take a long sip of his now lukewarm coffee. Coffee for him tastes horrible when it’s not warm at the very least, but he drinks it anyway. As long as it’s coffee, he really doesn’t mind.

Don’t drink coffee. That’s bad for you.

Tap, tap, tap, goes his foot.

His cellphone vibrates and the familiar tune can be heard: someone’s calling him. He takes no notice of it and takes a long drag of his cigarette. He hasn’t smoked in a long time.

Don’t you read what’s labeled on every pack? ‘Warning: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.’ From now on, stop smoking.

People say smoking is not good, so why does it make him feel good? People say you’ll die because of it, but then again, won’t all people die one way or another? Better to die feeling good rather than skipping out on something you like to do and then dying just the same.

That is his way of thinking. People say he’s stupid when he thinks he’s a genius. His motto in life is to not give a damn about what others say. That’s what he’s been doing since then.

Tap, tap, tap, goes his foot again.

His cigarette is at its end now. He stares at it and sighs.

You know what, sighing can take away your life force. The reason why you feel your life’s such a waste is because you always sigh. Stop it and cheer up, okay?

Some people say that sighing is bad; it takes away minutes off your life the way cigarettes do. A person even asked him to avoid sighing as much as possible.

He’s been sighing more these past few days.

Tap, tap, tap, goes his foot.

Forget about everything. Forget the past. Please.

He once read in a book that one should not dwell on the past and forget to live. Everytime his mind goes to what the book says, he laughs. It’s just fiction, after all.

He remembers this girl. As far as he can recall, she’s not exactly pretty. Her hairstyle is outdated, her frame too small, her personality too shy. She looks fragile, and so she is. She’s afraid of too many things. She hates smokers and stays away from them. She says people can still die of secondhand smoking, so she steers clear of them. She also detests coffee and says it contains too much caffeine—harmful for the body. She’s smart and everybody thinks so. She hangs out with smart people like her. She doesn’t sigh a lot; she wants to live a long, full life.

He laughs as he remembers her. That’s all he can do whenever he remembers her.

Tap, tap, tap, goes his foot.

He puts a hand to his chest. For some reason it feels painful, like there’s not enough oxygen going around his system. Like all the air in the world is beginning to decrease. It’s like he can’t breathe.

Go to a doctor if you feel anything. Or call me…I get worried when you don’t.

Everyone says that if one doesn’t feel well, one should take some pain relievers. Once the pain relievers themselves can’t take away the pain, one should visit a doctor and get checked-up. But pain relievers can’t take away his pain, nor can any doctor in the world. But he doesn’t give a damn. He never listens. Nobody dies of a heartbreak, anyway.

-I found this while looking through my History notes. The day I wrote this is unknown, and I don’t even know what inspired me to write this—I doubt US History had anything to do with this. XD


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