Lovephase: Missing

The sound of your footsteps rings in my ear as each moment passes by. I blink, and all I can see of you is your back getting smaller and smaller as you are walking farther and farther away from where I stand.

I sigh deeply. My eyes focus on the last image of you that I will have tonight. Once you pass that streetlight, you will be gone.

Then I’ll have to wait again.

I take a step in your direction. Then another. And another. I take slow steps, little steps, and you’re still too far. I quicken my pace, and my steps become strides.

Before I know it, I’m already running to you.

I can see you now. Yes, you’re still walking slowly, without any knowledge that someone is running to catch up with you. You have no idea…no idea at all…how it feels to me whenever I see your back turned, your image getting smaller and smaller as you leave my sight.

“W-wait!” I breathlessly shout at you.

You turn around. I can tell from the expression on your face that you’re surprised to see me running to you.

I stop a few feet away from you. I take deep breaths as I clutch my chest. I’m not an athlete, and running even just for a while easily makes me tired.

You let me catch my breath before saying anything, and you slowly ask me if there’s anything wrong. I shake my head with a smile and a long inhale of air.

I smile at you once again and say, “Wanna grab something to eat? I know it’s…late, but…you see…I’m not ready to miss you yet.”

Your eyes dance after hearing this. Nodding your head as you take my hand, we walk together to whatever shop or restaurant is still open.

Yes, I’m not ready. Not yet.

-Sixth Lovephase story. Done during one Spanish class, while waiting for the professor to arrive.


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