Do You Remember Me?

Hey…do you remember me?

We always played at the park when we were kids. Your favorite in the playground was the monkey bars; I always liked the swing. You once asked me why I liked the swing so much–I told you I wanted to touch the sky even just once, and the swing gave me that: even just for a second, I was able to become closer to the blue sky and white clouds. Silly as you were, you told me at that time that you’d do anything in the world if it means I’d end up closer to the sky, as I always wished I could.

Then at the age of fifteen, back when we used to gaze at the stars almost every night, I told you how I wanted the stars to be mine. At once you replied you’d pluck the stars from the sky if it meant I would be happy.

Did you know…
at that time…
even if those were just mere words…

I was happy.

You made me happy.

I’ve kept those memories with me up to now. Somehow those were my most significant memories of you, that no matter how much I wanted to forget you, I couldn’t, because those memories lingered too well inside my mind.

Hey…do you remember me?

You once told me you loved me. No, you told me that everyday. You told me you loved me every hour of every day. You said you were scared that if you didn’t, I might go and leave you. I smiled and said I wouldn’t, that I would always love you and be with you no matter what.

You know…I’ve always kept that promise.

I’m still here. I’m still in love with you. Even if you wanted me out of your life, I’m still here…

You told me promises you could never keep, but I still listened no matter how ridiculous those promises seemed. To me, those were words of someone incredibly precious, and that’s why I believed in them.

I guess I was just too stupid.

From the very beginning, what you kept telling me were no more than lies. Beautiful as they might sound, those were still lies. I knew they were, but I still believed.

I guess that’s what they call love.

But the meaning of those words faded for you, right? I can’t blame you, really. It’s normal. The words you said before were lies you couldn’t tell anymore. The problem was I still wanted to keep the lies that came with love, whereas you grew tired of them.

Hey…do you remember me?

I was your first love, you said. But never did you say I would remain to be your only love, and in the process become your last.

Hey…do you remember me?

I loved you. I still do. You were my first.

You’re also my last.

-I don’t know the circumstances when I wrote this; according to my computer I last modified it on 08.08.08, which is real nice.


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