Lovephase: In Love

The lights are out everywhere, except for a flickering lamp down the corner of the street. The night is dark and the wind is whispering in our ears. You and I are wrapped in the warmth of each other. Our bodies pressing tight. My arms around you, your arms around me. The moon is the lone witness to this fervor, this beauty, this enigma that we have. That we share.

I put my face closer to your shoulder. I have never been this close to anyone before. Tonight I can smell the trace of your aftershave and a tiny hint of the freshener of your car. Two of my favorite smells. I breathe deeply, taking the scent to memory. You chuckle at this and start to run your fingers through my hair. I shiver at the feel of your fingers touching the back of my neck. I can hear your smooth laughter floating through the air. Your laughter, your very voice is a mellifluous melody that my ears long to hear.

In the glory of the moonlight, I look into your eyes. I cannot see you clearly in all this darkness, but I see a glimpse of a smile on your lips. You sigh; I sigh. This moment is all we need.

You come closer: our lips meet for a moment. In that one fleeting moment, I can sense everything. The fact that we are the only ones awake in this street doesn’t matter. The fact that it’s cold and the only warmth we can get is from each other doesn’t matter. To us, in this moment, the world doesn’t matter. What matters is us. You love me. I love you.

That is all we need.


-This is what I think how ‘love’ at its peak feelsthat nothing matters except the two of you in that one moment. Of course, it varies, depending on the situation and the person, but…anyway, there you go.


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