Lovephase: First Encounter

The computer-operated message board in the train station says that I have to wait for another two minutes and thirty seconds. I tap my foot with no followed rhythm as I look at my Mickey Mouse watch. Why is it taking so long to arrive when I’m late for school?

Two minutes pass, only thirty more seconds to go. The people are starting to pile in the station. Whenever this happens I get more impatient. I’m late, the train is running late, and the next train will be jampacked with people. My head is fuming.

A few more seconds, I hear the loud horn of the train. By this time the station is so full of people. Good thing I am in front so I’m sure to get in. The doors open and sure enough, no passengers get off. All the passengers near the train doors are pushed into the train by the other people who want to squeeze their way in as well. I clutch my bag as I try to keep my balance. Everything seems to be in perfect order for me when suddenly someone from behind pushes me and I trip and start to fall. I tug at someone’s clothes for support, and the owner of those clothes suddenly takes my hand and lifts me up.

I mutter a ‘thanks’ without looking at the person. The person replies with a warm you’re welcome. I look up at the person and I see a smiling boy, roughly about my age, and roughly about a foot taller than I am. I smile right back and look away.

At the next station, the train stops too quickly, and I almost slide to the front of the train if not for the smiling boy who once again saves me from embarrassing myself in front of many people. I mumble thanks once again and he replies with a smile.

At the following station, this happens again. Luckily, my savior–as I now refer to him–saves me again. I blush this time. I’m not usually this clumsy. I don’t know what’s wrong.

As the train starts to move again, he taps me on my shoulder. I look at him curiously. He looks at me seriously and tells me that I can “hold on to him if I want to”. My eyes open wide with surprise. I tell him a sincere thanks but it’s not needed.

I look away and close my eyes. Somehow I feel like I’ve been humiliated so much more than if I trip and fall thrice consecutively.

Suddenly, a deafening screech. This time it’s totally unexpected; we haven’t even arrived the next station yet. I’m not holding on to anything, and I can feel myself falling.

And then he comes to my rescue. Again.

A hand pulls me back to my feet before my entire body lands on the train floors. He’s holding my hand with a good grip, and asks me if I’m okay. I blush slightly and can’t look at him. How can I? I’m too embarrassed.

“Hey,” he suddenly says. “My offer still exists, you know.”

I look up. Offer?

Oh. That offer.

The train slowly starts to move once again, and with it, my right hand slowly finds its way to his arm.

I don’t know why, but for some reason, as I am holding on to his arm, as the train slowly sways into its unique movement, I can feel my heart go faster. And faster. And faster.

It’s weird. I don’t know why my heart acts like this all of a sudden.

The train comes to a final stop, and I can feel myself falling again. But this time, it’s a different kind of fall.

-Another of the Lovephase series. No, this isn’t exactly a ‘love at first sight’ episode. It’s more like…love at first encounter, hence the title.


One thought on “Lovephase: First Encounter

  1. hello.

    sorry for dropping by ^__^

    but i think this is lovely.
    the last line fits so nicely.
    i like it.

    but what if the “again” is italicized instead of the “falling”..wouldn’t it sound even better?

    ..and i can feel myself falling “again”.

    hope you don’t mind this random commenting ^__^
    sorry for intruding ❤

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